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Aksumka's News

Posted by Aksumka - August 16th, 2007

B/P Totals:
Blams that day: 1
Saves that day: 1390
B/p Rank gain: +1

Posts that day: 121

Reviews: 2

Flash movies: 1

What a great day for the stat whore in me!

Posted by Aksumka - August 14th, 2007

Ok, I'm just going to throw out some tips for surviving this clock day. I don't care if you love clocks or if you suck cocks, it's Clock day! This is the day for the clocks, it has been for years now! Don't like it? Too bad, leave for the day. And that brings me to my first point:

- Don't be a "badass"
Saying that you are going to go and blam all of the flashes that are submitted will get you nothing. Yea, you will get some blam points, not every flash will pass, but doing that on this day is just fucking pathetic. It's one day out of the year, have some fucking fun and stop being a dick!

- Be careful what you vote for:
As I said up there, not everything will pass. This day is not the day for loading a submission and voting the second the voting bar appears. Some things do not deserve to pass, just look at what I got to pass 2 years ago! Generally speaking, however, any flash that has something about clocks will pass, so if this is your first year it would be safe to go on that. Some vets will know a little better, but it's not worth dealing with now.

- Be prepared:
2 years ago, over 500 flashes were submitted, last year over 1000! This year is looking to be bigger than both of those years! Due to this, it would not be surprising if NG starts to act a bit slow. And don't go to the BBS exclaiming the portal is flooded. We know, trust me, we know.

- Get ready:
The portal will be moving faster than ever before! Submissions will still be under judgement and not on the main page. It is important to click More recent submissions when all you see is purple. Don't let them be forgotten!

- Start at the bottom:
If you plan on using this day to gain mass b/p I advise you start at the bottom of this list, these submissions will have more votes and will be closer to protected (or blammed) status. If you normally start at the top of the list, this is not the day for that, change your foolish ways!

- It will be chaotic!
Last year, I got 744 b/p. That was not just from one day! Submissions will be coming in soon and will continue into the next day. So sleep is for the weak!

In the end, just have fun and don't take anything too seriously, being a dick on this day is just so uncool. Like I said, it's one day out of the year, let them (and me) have some fun! Enjoy all the B&P (well mostly P!).

+EDIT 12:20 AM +
Like I said, NG will be under heavy load, I was just flashed with an error, it will continue!

Also adding in that you should look out for spam flashes, people taking advantage of this day. If something has nothing to do with clock day or clocks, be sure to BLAM THAT SHIT!

+EDIT 2:30 AM +

Posted by Aksumka - August 10th, 2007

I'm back at that movie now.

I don't know if it will be done by Clock day, but whatever.

Also, Strawberryclock:

I picked the tablet back up.

Posted by Aksumka - July 23rd, 2007

Hey guys! I'm back from vacation! It's nice to see how NG was meant to work (if you don't know, I was on a shit laptop prior to this)! I am still (yes, still) working on that flash for CCD07, but I am not that far along.

I still have to get a lot of things taken care of before I can resume work on that flash (oh and by the way, it will be good especially when compared to my other joke flashes). I don't want to get too into it here, more on it when it is looking good.

I don't know what else to say here, so thats all.

<3 Aksumka

Posted by Aksumka - July 17th, 2007

I can't beleve that It finally hit! This looks amazing, but it sucks that I can't use it correctly with this shit laptop..

I love you all!

Also, if you want a taste of the old NG, check out The Newgrounds Archive!.